New EP 'The Perfect Grime' available now for FREE!!!!

The new full length Ep "The Perfect Grime" is available for free download at the brutal BxMxBxP myspace  page right NOW. Also available for a limited time is a compilation of all the unreleased Black Market Body Part tracks that have been spewed forth so far, tentatively entitled Garage Days.

Get your fill of Pure Australian GRIMECORE only at MySpace - the home of Black Market Body Parts.


Demo now available FREE on Last.Fm

Ok, we have a solution to getting the music to you guys for free and it's we have set up a page and over the coming days/weeks we will upload a bunch of songs that you can download for free !! No hastles, you don't even have to sign up to the site to be able to get 'em, we'll put some links on the myspace page and keep you posted when we put more tracks on there.

For starters we uploaded the Demo so for all those who missed out on the free mail out of this little teaser it's now there to get.... so go get it !!

BxMxBxP Last.Fm page -

Download the demo for free at -


5000 friends and counting

Now that we’ve reached over 5000 friends, our ‘legal advisors’ have insisted that we put up a full disclaimer to prevent you twisted fucks going on a killing spree and pointing the finger at us. Now that the legal shit is addressed and out of the way…

A ton of material is being worked on as you read this! BxMxBxP have presently got well over 30 tracks done and dusted and ready to be unleashed on the hapless public.

Our most deranged BxMxBxP girl Paige has sent us more pics that are sure to get you salivating.

Black Market Body Parts are always looking out for more body signs to post on our MySpace page – keep them coming ladies!

The official Black Market Body Parts t-shirts are coming soon. Suggestions for which image we should use are welcome here or at the MySpace page, they’re your shirts so let us know!

New BxMxBxP release coming soon...

Hey there you sick fucks!

Ok, so there are are ton of you that want the demo, we've been sending a bunch off and we are about to run out. Since we made that Demo a few months ago we have recorded about 30 more songs, so what we are going to do is make a new extended demo or EP, when this is done we'll get a nice little package with CD/STICKERS and whatever the fuck else we can think of to make it worthwhile for YOU and US. Since we are shipping all over the world we will charge a small amount for postage, we won't charge you for the content, deal ?!!

You've also been asking about T-SHIRTS so we will are doing the first run of BxMxBxP T-SHIRTS for you guys to purchase, any input as to which BxMxBxP image you rekon would look good on the shirt is welcome cause you guys are the ones buying it !!

Leave us a message at:

Cheers guys and gals !!